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Pre-Purchase Survey

Before you make the big decision, you may want to consider having a pre-purchase survey done. This is the most extensive approach to surveying a vessel. While it includes some of the same criteria as the other surveys, a Pre-Purchase Survey also includes an out-of-water inspection as well as a sea trial.

The purposes of a Pre-Purchase Survey are as follows:

  1. Check the condition and operational integrity of the vessel.
  2. Performance testing of operating equipment and machinery.
  3. Determine the overall worth of the vessel.

Areas of Importance

When a Pre-Purchase Survey takes place the surveyor will check these areas in order to properly gauge the condition of the vessel. Prepurchase boat surveys

  • structural integrity
  • electrical systems
  • the propulsion system
  • the fuel system
  • other machinery
  • navigation equipment
  • miscellaneous onboard systems
  • cosmetic appearance
  • electronics
  • overall maintenance

Vessel Appraisal

When having your vessel appraised, it helps to keep the surveyor happy. All necessary cleaning and organizing should be done before the arrival of your surveyor. Remove any excess gear or equipment in locker areas. Be prepared to have a qualified professional dismantle parts of the vessel that may need further inspection.