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Damage Survey

Damage surveys should be conducted in the event that your boat has been involved in an accident of any kind. A Damage Survey helps to identify the scope and nature of loss. This survey should be done often to monitor the regular wear and tear of your vessel.

The purposes of a Damage Survey are as follows:

  1. An insurance company might require a surveyor to assess the damages and determine the amount of damage related loss.
  2. The owner of a vessel may also require a damage survey for his own edification.


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Importance of Damage Assessments

A damage survey usually takes place when an insurance company needs to find the cause of loss and extent of damage-related costs. However, it is very important that owners regularly assess the damages of their vessel for the safety of the passengers and the crew.

A thorough damage survey will vary in the amount of time it takes to complete. Factors such as vessel size, equipment, and on-board systems will determine the time spent in any one area.

Recent Survey Examples

marine survey Houston TXCoast Guard Maximum Capacity placards are not just a recommendation. This boat sunk because the owner son decided to put 13 on the boat. The placard says 11! I did a damage survey on this one Friday. $70K mistake for the owner.